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How much does it cost to get a small business website designed? This page offers
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Website cost and related pricing information for small business website design.




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Web Design Agencies

Well, as in many lines of business there can be a wide range of prices for the same work. The most expensive option is not always the best and it is not as simple as "you get what you pay for".

The big web design agencies can obviously produce high standard websites but you will have to pay for them. These web agencies generally have lots of overheads with town center locations, rents to pay and a high number of employees and overheads.



Freelance Web Designers

It is quite common for web designers to leave leave these agencies and set up as freelancers working from home. It's easy for them to do since all they need is an Internet connection, a good PC and the necessary skills.


They may have the knowledge and skills to produce work of a similar standard to their previous employers but with the low overheads of working from home or a more modest office location they can significantly reduce their prices. In this situation you may benefit from hiring them to build your small business website.



Part Time Website Designers

Unfortunately the low cost of setting up as a home based designer applies also to those who don't have the required skills. Many of them are people who have day jobs and work from home in their spare time hoping to earn a bit of spare cash.

Be careful if using them since they need not have the same commitment to service. After all they have their salary from their day job. They don't really have to worry if you are happy with their work. You should therefore look for people who are full time professional where possible


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Website Design Costs and other Costs Involved


website price illustrationThis is becoming more true each day and some of the less skilled web designers are feeling the pinch but most professional designers are not begging on the street corner just yet.

I mean most of us can cook a meal when pushed but that does not put restaurants out of business, does it? There are many ways of developing your own website and many small business owners try to do this in an effort to save money.

Very few are successful because they are not aware of all the complimentary skills that are required to produce a professionally designed business website.

We will get to the actual web design costs soon but Professional Web Design for small business owners is not just about creating the website. There is much more to it than that. You may find a reasonably competent web designer who can put up a website for you for a small fee but you must ask yourself if what you are getting is what is required for a business website.

The person or web design company tasked with creating a small business website must be competent in ...

All of the above can be factors in what you pay to get a professional web designer to create your business website.

Typical Web Design Costs

OK! Let's talk about the bottom line, what does all of this cost?

It is very difficult to put a typical cost on a website. We can only offer information based on the web design prices charged by our associates, Toucher Web Design and our knowledge of what some others charge. (Toucher also offer a fixed price, Ready Made Website.)

We have provided the following web design target prices as a rough guide to what you can expect to pay. This is based on what freelance web designers charge as opposed to the major design agencies.

What we do not list are the prices charged by those who do this illegally, on the side and who do not pay tax on their earnings. Clearly we cannot complete with these people and we do not try. As a full time agency we have to remain legal and well as competitive.


Note: All of the these prices are for typical small business websites. They assume that the client will provide all the text and images for their website. If you require the web designer to write copy for you and source images this will most likely cost you more.

Web Design Cost Table

Website Definition Cost
A four page online brochure website with an online enquiry form and two or three images on each page. $500 to $1500 (USD)
Ten pages as above. $800 to $2000
Ten pages as above with an integrated content management system that would allow you to make limited changes to your own website. $1000 to $2400
As above but with an additional facility to take payments for services using Paypal or some other online payment system. $1000 to $2500
A full ecommerce website with a fully featured user administration area and the ability to change prices, categories, items, images, shipping, etc. $2000 to $5000


web design cost quoteNote: This small business website design tutorial is a complimentary service sponsored by our parent business, Toucher Web Design.

Toucher Web Design's prices are pitched at the low to mid level of the prices shown above. UK and Worldwide clients are welcomed. Contact Toucher Web Design now for a web design cost quote for your small business website.

You are unlikely to get quality web design at prices any lower than the lowest prices quoted in the list above. You will however have no problems finding web design agencies who want to charge more. They may or may not include all of the web design competencies listed above. It follows that web designers who are good at search engine optimization will be able to attract more work through their own websites than those who are not. You will probably find that they charge a bit more for their services but in the long term they could be worth considering.

Warning: be careful of offshore companies in India, Russia and other countries who offer cheap website design. There are problems associated with dealing with foreign companies who do not have English as their native language.


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