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Getting your Website into the Search Engines

The process of submitting your website to the search engines is not as important as it once was. We used to be required to submit details of the site to each search engine and directory before it could be included. Strictly speaking this is no longer necessary since the search engines will find your website themselves provided that they can find a link to it from another site, which has already been indexed.

search engine submission

In practice I still submit all websites to the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and, which is MSN’s new search engine). I also submit to the Open Directory ( DMOZ is a directory, which is organised and controlled by volunteer editors. You must submit your site to it using a strict procedure otherwise it will not be included. It is quite important that you do so because Google and many other smaller directories use some of the information from DMOZ. A link from DMOZ can therefore be quite valuable.

It is worth mentioning again that there are still unscrupulous people out there offering to submit your website to 2000 search engines for a fee. Do not use their services. Apart from the fact that it is not really necessary it is just so easy to do this yourself.

Submitting your Website to Google

You can submit your website to Google at You need to enter the full URL, which looks like They also offer an optional comments box. You must complete a *CAPTCHA input box, which is used to prevent automated submissions.

Submitting your Website to Yahoo

Before submitting your website to Yahoo you must create an account with them. This is free and only takes a few moments. You can do this here,

Submitting your Website to (MSN)

Microsoft’s new search engine is called Windows Live. The submission process is similar to Google’s. Once again it uses a *CAPTCHA.

Submitting your Website to the Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

As previously stated the Open Directory Project is staffed by volunteer editors. It is also a free service, which means that there are no guarantees of when your submission will be processed. Depending on the category in which you want your website to be included it can take as little as one week or as much as a year or even more. As a free, volunteer run service we are at the mercy of the editors.

Note that you must choose the most suitable category. Do not try to enter your website into more than one category or your application may be rejected. If you are unsure what category to use try a search within DMOZ for similar sites and use the one that seems most appropriate.

Note: our associate company, Toucher Web Design, offers advice on registering your website with the search engines.


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