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Information on the process of connecting the Internet and the requirements

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Setting up a Connection to the Internet

You do not need to be on the Internet to have a website. Websites are normally located (hosted) on third party computer servers as opposed to your own computer. But if you have a website you will no doubt want to view it to see what your clients are seeing.

internet connectionYou will also need access to email to receive your website enquiries. To connect to the Internet you need a suitable computer, an Internet connection and a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape. A Web Browser is simply a software application (program) that allows you to interact with websites by displaying text, images and other website content.

Computers are normally set up to use a *default browser. There are several ways of connecting to the Internet including the use of your domestic telephone line in a dial-up connection. This method is OK providing that you are willing to accept that (unless you have a second line) your phone is engaged while you are "on line". It can also be painfully slow meaning that web pages could take some time to upload.

The other popular method is known as a High-speed Internet (HSI) connection or "Broadband". This is now becoming the standard in many countries due to its much faster performance. It is also more costly (typically twice the cost of a dial-up connection) but in a small business you will need a fast connection so this is the way to go.

Decide what you are willing to pay and then talk to a Telephone Company or Internet Service Provider (ISP) about their charges.

*Note: The terms default or default settings are commonly used in computing. Default settings are those that will be used when the user does not specify otherwise.

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